A budget for dentistry!? What’s that? Traditional dentists examine, diagnosis, decide what treatment you need. We go beyond that to help you with budgeting to get the treatment you need. You may check out our In-Office Financing options, or also explore the outside financing options we work with, like Care Credit and Springstone Financing.


What is dental ‘insurance’? Why doesn’t my insurance pay for my dentistry? Contact our front desk staff at 231-947-3530 to have your insurance questions answered.

Finance Policy

There are some options available, designed to make advanced dentistry more available to our patients. In the office, for more extensive treatment plans (those that require multiple visits or extensive dentistry), we can typically divide the fee into thirds. The first payment is due at beginning of treatment; the second payment, in the middle of treatment; and the final third is due upon completion of the treatment.

Every case is different and arrangements are handled individually. Our intent is to work the dentistry you have chosen into a budget that works for you.

Credit card payments through Visa, Master Card, Discover Card & American Express are always accepted.
Additionally, the following outside financing options are available for longer term options: Care Credit and Springstone Financing.

Care Credit

Dentolutions is happy to offer Care Credit as a financing option for our patients. This is a budget-style plan, with monthly payments, good credit is required for this option.

  • There is no initial payment and no prepayment penalty.
  • Any value is available with 6 months no interest to repay.
  • $1000 to $25,000 is available with up to 60 months to repay at a fixed interest rate.
  • Fixed interest rates of 14.9%.

Apply at Care Credit today, or our front desk staff would be happy to help when you’re in office.
For more information on this option or any other financing options, contact our front office staff today at 231-947-3530.