Bioesthetic Dentistry

Bioesthetic Dentistry uses nature’s form — healthy, untreated, and unworn teeth — as the model for health. The genius of Dr. Bob Lee, founder of Bioesthetics, was looking to mother nature for what works for healthy individuals with healthy teeth lasting a lifetime. When nature is studied carefully, the principles of longevity manifest; Bioesthetic dentistry is about moving you toward what works best in nature. As they say, mother knows best — this is an underlying value that runs throughout the practice. 

In cases of severe breakdown of the teeth and dysfunction of the jaws, special consideration is given to the balance of the jaws, muscles, and teeth. Through a process that results in a stable jaw position, front teeth that guide the jaw into a stable bite, and back teeth that support that bite, the signs and symptoms of tooth destruction disappear. Whether we build restorations into a worn system or correct the system first is a choice you’ll be asked to make when considering extensive treatment.

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