Hygiene Services

We feel regular visits with a dental hygienist should ensure the long term stability and health of your gums. Dentolutions has implemented a ‘dental fitness’ index, or score, that is predictive of the long-term health of your  teeth.  What’s your score?And more importantly, what can be done to improve it? Our team views teaching prevention as a coaching relationship. How do you know a coach is doing a good job?  The team is winning!

In addition to providing indexing and services to keep your gums healthy, our dental hygienists offer a number of services in support of your health.


These are an effective tool to help help prevent tooth decay in children and adolescents by sealing deep grooves and pits in teeth, making them easier to clean and maintain.


Used appropriately, it is a valuable tool to help prevent decay for children and adults that are at higher risk. Fluoride in the correct concentrations can help to remineralize areas and prevent decay from progressing.

OHI Coaching

Something that our clinical staff offers to every patient at nearly every appointment is some coaching on their homecare. If there is something simple that can be done to help maintain your health, we want you to know and understand it. It might be as simple as changing the angle of the tooth brush toward the gumline; or it may be a different kind of floss or a brush better reach between the teeth. We are here to support each and every patient in their individual goals for health and dental fitness.

Zoom! Same Day Whitening

We are proud to offer Zoom! Same Day Whitening as an option for our patients to brighten their smiles in a single visit. If you aren’t the type to wait around weeks and fussing with bleach at home, Zoom! can provide dramatic results brightening up to 8 shades in just one appointment. Custom made trays are included for those future touch ups.