Crowns and Bridges


When a tooth fractures it is common for dentists to recommend a crown (think new top).  Whether or not you choose to have a tooth crowned, depends on the both the status of your tooth and does crowning your tooth make sense, all things considered. Technically, a crown is recommended when half or more of the tooth is filling material (from decay or trauma) or the tooth is fractured (and hurts when chewing).  Advances in dental materials and bonding technology gives us options from same appointment repair to artisan porcelain restoration.  


Loss of a tooth is considered a tragedy at Dentolutions, and we’ve found that depending on which tooth was lost, it can be for patients as well.   While situations vary, there are several means of replacing a missing tooth.  Most common today is with a dental implant (think replacement root) followed by a crown.  There are circumstances where implant are impractical, and a fixed bridge is the next best thing.  By crowning the teeth adjacent to the gap created, a replacement tooth is suspended  and attached to its neighbors, and crafted to appear that it is growing from the gum.  Examination, diagnosis, and consultation is the best means of determining what’s right for you.  

What is the right treatment for you? Call and set up a visit and we’ll help you make the right decision.