Modern dentistry now offers choices in types of materials used to restore teeth. Fillings are utilized to repair teeth that have been damaged due to tooth decay or trauma.  Fillings do little, however, to prevent decay in the future. Our office three filling materials, and advises against silver amalgam (which contain mercury). For simple fillings in the front and back teeth, we use tooth colored composite resin. It is placed directly into the prepared tooth, cured with light, and polished to fit the bite. We use composite that is bis-GMA free to limit your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

Depending on the circumstances and health, porcelain fillings may be chosen to improve the esthetics and strength of a filling. A porcelain inlay makes sense when tooth loss doesn’t merit a crown (which otherwise means cutting away healthy tooth), but composite may not be strong enough to close a gap. Another advantage of porcelain is the fit and esthetics:  beautiful and natural, even to the most discerning eye. Other filling materials used include cast gold and gold foil. Typically, these have very specific reasons for use.

Mercury Free and Mercury Safe

We do not place silver amalgam restorations, nor do we recommend them given the strength and beauty of today’s material options. We follow the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) protocol for removal of mercury from the mouth to be mercury safe. We work hard to make sure you and our team are safe.