Cosmetic Dentistry

You have a wide variety of options to give you the smile you want, from simply reshaping teeth with filling material, to a full esthetic change completed with porcelain for lifetime support. What we have found is that healthy teeth are also beautiful teeth, and they last longest on a healthy foundation — we’ll help you get both. Together, we’ll develop an individualized plan to help you get the smile that you’re after.


We offer a variety of options to help brighten your smile. Depending on what has caused the discoloration, some options work better than others. Custom fit bleach trays and take-home kits can give you a whiter smile in a couple of weeks, allowing you to bleach when you want to and touch up when you need to. We also offer an in-office option with Philips Zoom! with remarkable one appointment results.

Composite and Porcelain, Crowns and Veneers

Our goal is to identify the most conservative way to achieve your desired results for both beauty and long term health and stability. There are many ways to change the shape of the teeth, but not all are created equal. Cost and longevity are just a couple of factors to consider.

To learn what would work best for your goals, call and schedule your appointment today!