Diet Coaching

Your diet (what you eat and how you eat it) accounts for the majority of your risk for tooth decay, and awareness of your dietary habits are important to understanding and preventing tooth decay. Specifically, the frequency and duration of carbohydrate intake — snacking, sipping and nibbling fosters decay. The longer your teeth are exposed to pop or snacks means more tooth decay.  You can learn more about how tooth decay works, here.

Because of the importance of the role of diet in our health, we work with our patients to help them understand what the sources of decay might be in their diet. It isn’t just pop and candy, but also the carbohydrates in our granola, pretzels, crackers and the sugar in our coffee and tea. So, sippers and nibblers beware!

Food author and journalist Michael Pollan may have summed up healthy eating best, “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” If you’re curious what is contributing to your decay and are interested in some coaching on how to stop decay for good, contact our office for your new patient exam today!