Orthodontics can be an invaluable tool to correct malocclusions, crowded teeth, esthetic concerns, creating space, among other reasons.   it is used to straighten and align teeth, done carefully with the end in mind for a harmonious chewing system in the end result.

Limited and Comprehensive Options

It may be easier than you think to straighten and align a tooth that has been bothering you. Today at Dentolutions,  the orthodontic work we do is used pre-prosthetically to better position teeth for ideal treatment results. We also work closely with several orthodontists in the area on a referral basis for current comprehensive cases. We focus on, and encourage, interceptive orthodontics whenever possible for younger patients, decreasing the need for comprehensive treatment later.

In case you’re wondering who was right in the functional-traditional debate, in our opinion they both were. Whether braces or functional appliances are used is not as important, as WHY they are chosen. A good analogy would be a tool box. Depending on the task at hand, a skilled craftsman will choose the best tool based on job requirements, his skill, and experience. With patients, the age, cooperation, diagnosis, and goal will determine which ‘tool’ will come out of the bag.