New Patient Experience

Your First Visit

We understand that no two people are exactly alike, and everyone has different goals and desires. Our goal is to help you get just what you’re hoping for.

Your first appointment starts with a conversation with Dr. Reznich or Dr. Mattson — we want to know where you’ve been and where you want to go. We reserve time in the schedule to focus solely on you, your health and your goals. 

Our new patient experience allows us to figure a starting point: your current state of dental health. We believe that it is important to understand how past habits have contributed to your current health (for better or worse); imagine how difficult it would be to use a map to drive somewhere if you don’t know where you’re starting from. There is no judgment or blame, just a co-discovery of your current state of health and our starting point.

Your new patient examination includes:

  • an assessment of the health of: 
    • your teeth and any existing dental work, 
    • your gums and the supporting bone,
    • your bite and its effect on your teeth,
    • the jaw joint and its relationship to bite;
  • an evaluation of esthetic concerns;
  • a review of toxicological risks from previous dental work or materials;
  • health coaching on home care and dietary habits that can contribute to your risk for dental disease

No-Cost Consultation

This can be a lot of information to process at once. We work hard to help you understand your current health and navigate the options ahead.

After your first appointment, we invite you to return for a no-cost consultation to review the findings of your first appointment and your risk assessment for dental disease. The findings from your first visit will be translated into an assessment of your risk for dental disease, as well as an objective dental fitness score to help track your health progress. Together, we will devise a plan to help you define and reach your goals for your dental and overall health. This step-by-step plan allows us to visualize the path to your goals, lay out potential solutions, and a timeline that works for you and your budget, all before starting any treatment.

Dentolutions is committed to providing health-focused and prevention-based solutions for you and your health. Contact us today at 231-947-3530 and reserve your personalized new patient experience today.