Root Canals

Have you ever heard a story about a successful root canal? How boring would it be if your friend came back from the dentist saying, “It didn’t hurt and it was finished in a single appointment!” The dreaded root canal has changed.

What to know?

Root canal, or ‘endodontic’ therapy involves cleaning the nerve out of the center of a tooth and sealing the tooth to prevent infection. Root canals are indicated when the nerve in the tooth has been damaged and may be painful, have lingering sensitivity to hot and cold, or pain on chewing. There are other issues that may mimic these symptoms, and we evaluate each case individually to make sure that this treatment is needed. Typically, endodontic therapy can be done in a single visit, as long as there is no overt infection. Sometimes, an antibiotic will be prescribed to clear infection before the canals are sealed to prevent bacteria from being trapped inside the tooth.

Other Options

One note regarding root canals:  they may not be for everyone.  Every procedure comes with both risk and benefit.  Root canals on average last 15 years.  In some cases it is advisable to remove the offending tooth and consider other options for replacement if any.  We’re open to the conversation and are dedicated to helping you make the best choice for you, all things considered.