June 7, 2016 —

At Dentolutions, the patient comes first – the relationship we have with each and every patient is very important to us. We have found that honest and clear communication fosters collaboration between doctors, patients and staff to help patients set and reach goals for better health. We’ll take the time to know you and to co-create an individualized care plan to help you get what is truly important to you.

Dentolutions is special regarding our commitment to our patients and preventing disease in the first place. This is not by accident. Most dental disease is easily preventable.  Our hope is to stop dentistry’s dreadful story, that is a lifetime of dental work without the benefits of health, beauty, and function.  Once people realize there is a different path for dentistry, they can avoid redoing dental work, get time on their side so finances can work in their lives, and stop repairing and patching the symptoms of disease over and over. It is possible to put an end to dentistry’s dreadful story and change the course of your dental health.

But we haven’t reached everyone, yet, and you can help.  There are people that don’t realize there is something different out there, and that lifetime dental health is an option. Wouldn’t it be nice to know you helped someone important to you enjoy better health?  Please share us with friends, family, or anyone in your life that would benefit from the type of care we offer.

PS – Call Tina at 231-947-3530 if you want to know more about our patient referral incentives.

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